Name That Storm

Shrewsbury - 10 minutes ago...

back garden 10th feb 2020.jpg

...and yesterday a ridge tile blew off our roof. Bounced off the car roof before hitting the ground... :mad:
Storm force winds, torrential rain, flooding and now snow

What a few days
As a 'softy Suverner', I'm witholding any comments likely to encourage more scorn to be heaped on me !
Down by here in SW Wales, the 72 hour Maritime forecast is a thing of beauty: F8 going 9 for the rest of the day and tripping over into tomorrow. Outer Bristol Channel is predicting much the same with wave heights given as 5m and more-that's a lot of wave when trying to bring a 40' crab boat around St David's Head.

guess who’s flying to Cardiff tomorrow :x
Thoughts and prayers, dear boy.

Thoughts and prayers.

. . . not for the weather but . . . well . . . Cardiff? Seriously? :cool:
and then a car up to Luton. Yay, winning at life, me.
. . . and, just to cheer everyone up, a screen shot of Marine Traffic for my area:

Marine Traffic.png

Those little wind symbols denote 45-49kt Westerly winds. What they don't show is the hoofin' sleet showers that are blowing in on the hour.
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Its snowing in Crewe and I just spoke to a mate outside Wrexham and they had 6" of snow in 20 minutes. Roads blocked around Bala and drivers being advised not to travel. Apparently people are abandoning vehicles.

Its absolutely pissing down for England in Hertfordshire where I am and well windy
Ciara may have buggered off, but it’s still pretty nasty out there. Dramatic walk with the dog on Salisbury Plain just now.


Just back from a shopping/selling/wheeler-dealing trip to Paisley's shopping hub thing. On the way there, sleet, hail, biting wind and snow. On the way back, clearing sky and biting wind. Still, successful trip - bought a new-to-me fridge freezer, sold my old computer processor, mouse and memory sticks (for more than I thought I'd get), and bought some hardware.

I was still bloody frozen though. That's me in the house until Wednesday morning. Hope the weather doesn't still suck balls then.
Pissing down earlier.
Massive flash of lightning, with accompanying thunder and in seconds it was white out blizzard conditions.

Now not a breath of wind and clear blue skies.


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In West Lothian we had heavy rain and strong winds since early afternoon on Saturday, with many roads covered in deep ponds. That petered out on Sunday evening. Today has been heavy snowfall on and off all day that has settled to about 2-3 inches even on the very wet ground. In the midst of one of the heavy snowfalls this afternoon we also had thunder and lightning.
Snow shovel had its inauguration today - first time I've had to use it since I bought it three years ago.

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