Name That Storm

08.47 12th march, storm G just hit with a vengeance, storm force winds driving vicious horizontal rain pounding our windows, the sky has darkened to a grey mist, its bloody freezing, and look like its here to stay. (Midlands)
Storm Gareth.
I've a mate who's a Sapper called Gareth.
The storm is a fat ugly bastard, with a bad temper, flatulence and a tendency to swamp itself.

Well, it is if it's been named after my mate.
Storm Kirkz.
Houses and property will be fine , but your bins will be emptied all over the place.

I'm on Strangford Lough at the moment, opposite the Scrabo tower. The wind is absolutely smashing through here.

Or should I was a dark and stormy night in Belfast.
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Been lovely here in Preston since about 10:30 this morning.

Gareth this morning. He delivered an impressive wind gust of 245 km/h at Steinar Meteo Station, Iceland last night.
Getting a bit breezy here. latest report is 45 gusting 63 (worst I ever recall was 62 with a 104 gust - that took slate roofs off in places).
Just got a taxi back to our digs. The driver has had to park in the Lee of the building as the wind was too strong to open the doors safely.

It's properly belting along in Norn Iron tonight
Storm Gareth is it? Well, at least I've got a name for the big bastard wind that is currently making me seasick with the way it's swaying my building right now. Gusting way past fifty-odd miles per hour according to Accuweather's online page.
Got a fence panel down in the back garden, going to be at least Friday afternoon before the winds drop and I'll be able to get it in place again.
That will really mess with my OCD.
I'll bet the roofers and fencing industry are rubbing their hands with glee!
The big storm a few years back wiped out the whole uk supply of fence panels. Iirc they had to charter a special ships worth from Latvia to bring more in.
It was about the time that Insurers removed fence panels from cover.

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