Name that penis

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BagCharge, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Since my early years, I have always had a name for my todge.
    First it was winky
    Then willy
    Then dicky
    Finally ended up with Peter.............don't ask!

    Names on a post card.....

    In case you have been a sad git all ya life you may wish to name your dick now.......

    dick by another name

    No point is asking any arrse maidens as they don't have dicks (well not as far as I know)..... :D
  2. You're a fcuking penis.
  3. Funny you should say that as our name for you is c0ck.
  4. I call mine 'BagCharge'.
  5. Typical f*ckwit answers........but to be expected.

    Do better FFS.

    Moody Bitch..........haven't you got some other knob (or three) you could be hanging off.
  6. Very Funny! Giggling out load.

    BTW mine has been refered to as "Todge"
  7. I've recently changed mine to Crimp Off to express my purely heterosexual tiger love for Mr The_Crimp_Off.
  8. Never bothered naming mine myself but it has been called "Jeeeeezuss it's fcuking huge" by a couple of ladies of my aquaintence.
  9. Are you sure you don't just have one hugely oversized testicle?
  10. Were they being easily distracted by the 32" TV in your seraglio, rather than the Prescott you were waggling at them in a hopeful sort of way?
  11. Gammon Dagger :D
  12. for some bizarre reason that reminds me of something...
  13. In that case, you have my sympathy and I will refrain from using the word "chipolata" in any future posts.......
  14. Well yes I do now you come to mention it. Bit it's Ok 'cos it is perfectly balanced by the other hugely oversized testicle.
  15. Never called it anything. Shouted at it a couple times “stand up you lazy prcik”. I always thought beef bayonet had a nice ring to it though.