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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Watcher, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. Apparently name tapes are permitted in my lads unit and he wants to use my old ones. Trouble is I can't remember which side they go on?


  2. Above the Left hand side chest pocket.
  3. Does he have trouble remembering his own name?
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  4. If it reads backwards they're sown on the wrong way round.
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  5. I cant like this because I'm on my phone.


    I like this.
  6. It's been done. Trust me.
  7. Don't most 15 year olds?
  8. Do the cadets have to pay for this?
  9. And when he exchanges his top or leaves, who will unpick the name tags?

    What about the reissue, stitch holes where it has been...

    Don't do it.
  10. Is it 'permitted' or 'required'?

    To be honest, I'd find either odd. Units tend not to do 'mixed' where some do some don't, so it's generally all or nobody.

    Cadets tend not to use name tags because:
    a) It costs money, of which the ACF has little, and doesn't like to pass the cost on to it's cadets for the sake of it.
    b) Cadets mainly recycle kit, with everyone issued a new set to begin with, but generally recycling older kit once they outgrow it. That's why they use brassards over sewing badges straight to kit like the army would.
    c) Apparently there's a child protection issue with members of the joe public knowing the cadets' names from looking at them. (Clarification?)
  11. ******* hell who shit on your "flakes"?

    Its 95 kit which is out of issue, im sure a few stich holes won't matter. I will probaly use my old 95's as shit paper.
  12. Oh, stating the obvious or disagreeing, is because someone shitted on my flakes?
  13. Your not from Mars are you?
  14. Do they have ACF there?
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  15. Possible, can't see why you are kicking off about stich holes though will make little diffrence to the serviceabilty of the uniform.