Name Tags for Infantry

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lance_Comical, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. There seems to be a trend in Infantry wearing name tags. As far as I'm aware, the Royal Scots, The Highlanders and First Fusiliers have been doing this.

    I just don't think that Infantry should be wearing name tags.


  2. Why not ? what wrong with someone knowing your name
  3. Well tradition really. it's always been an 'other arms' thing.

    I'm not necessarily against the wearing of name tags but to start now when the rest of the Army have been doing it for years is baffling.
  4. You can't get away with as much if you are wearing a name tag!

  5. You shouldn't need name tags.

    You should know all the names of the men in your platoon / coy as a matter of course (especially if you are an officer or nco). As for soldiers who are attached to you, it's just common sense to make the effort to find out their names and a bit about them. It's just being lazy otherwise
  6. had to sew on my first name tags when I transferred to 2 LI for Op Grapple 7 - at first I thought it was gay, but with the sheer numbers of new personnel that joined before deployment (100 +) it made sense. Also, it is much better to be called by your name rather than your rank. Saw that 1 RRF had sewn them on their helmets as well - much better as body armour and assault vests normally covered up them when tactical.
  7. Yes, and the way you get to know these names is to read the name tags! And intensely study the Coy photo, of course... :) The day P files come with photos it'll be a whole different story.
  8. Now that is very gay!

    Someone please see some sense and put a stop to all this gayness.
  9. Because we are dealing with the Infantry, best have two name tags: one forwards so other people know who you are and one backwards so the soldier can know his name when he looks in a mirror :|
  10. For example:



    (Doesn't quite work because the computer wont turn the S, C or K around)
    (Well done IF you spotted it)
  11. Name tags, flashes and all the rest of that nonsense are for boy scouts. Real men don't sew badges ! (Oe real women for that matter)
  12. the CO is hardly going to know everyone - the toms appreciate it more being called Pte Bloggs than simply "Private"
  13. Name tags....just another scam to waste money - and it means more sewing!
  14. Name tag just another way to ID your body.
  15. If they say to people to wear nametags, fine!

    As long as they pay for it, and you have one issued for each shirt or smock.

    Personally I think they look tonk and are the product of the devil!!