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Ok, so sis-in-law was apparently stumped for a xmas present for me this year. However, instead of the usual crap socks/pants and assorted deoderants etc, she did rather well and got me a unique and (i think) thoughtful gift, see pics below.

The certificate that comes with it announces him as being named Rambo. However, i think he could be named better... Suggestions so far include Henno, Red, Arnie, Sgt Cam O'Flage, Hero or Rocky Bear, but if you have a better idea, crack on :)

Excuse the beret though, i am working on that...


I woul'd have prefered the socks,

The name: Paddington Walt...has to be ;-)


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Gay R Us?

Your SiL obviously has you clocked as a gayer :)
I don't understand the effort of creating a Teddy that looks as though a US Marine has gone batshit with the cam cream, and then leaving it with a hoofing great big white konk!

Call the thing Cunt and have done with it. Or Kanute if you have kids about.
Trust me, i got the looker. And No, you will just have to take my word for it....

And you want help? well fuck off, no piccies no help, necky fucker

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