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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Lt_Gen_Me, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. I’m not saying that they are less adequate then I, just thought of etiquette as they are, after all, ladies as well as officers.
  2. I thought we were taught to communicate clearly and accurately.

    Can anyone translate? Did this missive come from the slumberer in the corner chair in the ante room? 'I was very, very drunk indeed.'
  3. It's like one of the bizarre subject headings you get in spam e-mails.
  4. What in Gods name are you wittering on about?
  5. I think it's a reference to his earlier posting about what to put on female officers' name places.
  6. I have read his previous posts and yes, it does make a little more sense.

    Equality means treating all people equal. Although I get really gripped when Summer Ball dress for female RAF Officers is not the same as male counterparts. Grrr.
  7. Well if you get that gripped why not ask the CO if you can wear a ballgown as well ....hee hee
  8. Even worse for dining-in nights, you wouldn't believe the uproar when we insisted that lady officers wear no. 5 dress to a dining-in! Needless to say they were seen off when it was suggested that they may not want to subject their pretty dress to the proposed evening's games.

    As for Summer Balls, as far as I am concerned lady officers based at the unit in question should wear no. 5 dress, if they are there as a guest then they may wear mufti. Try telling them that though...
  9. If you pm him you end up getting sent adverts for V1Agra!