Name one reason why people dont join the TA as an Offr

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Just one reason and do try to read the whole thread before posting:

    Iraq and Afghanistan (doh!)

  2. The "Serve" bit of Serve to Lead
  3. For what reasons? I do think your correct but its not solely down to that. The traditional TA ethic doesn't work anymore. I joined expecting to do my duty to towards the defence of this country if needed, its not that anymore.

    I believe I wouldn't join the TA if I was 17 again, I would get a degree and good job or join RSigs as an IS Eng.
    The TA has changed into an organisation that needs the low paid, those on higher pay look at the TA as being bad for them, it didn't use to be that way.

    That said I don't see the officer corps as the problem (unless we adopt the US system), the lack of J/SNCO's this year or next will cripple the TA. How long before the SSM has to be replaced by an OCdt on a Rememberance Parade?
  4. I'm not sure, but I am sure that whatever the reason is is not down to the problems that we see as officers. I don't believe the man on the street thinks about YO career development as a reason not to join.

    My one reason: potential effect on civvy career now seen as negative rather than a boost.
  5. I agree with this. More part-time now, than it is voluntary.

    Added to that, once people have seen the commissioning course for the TA (at 51 Bde, it is a 12 w/end Module 2, a 2 long weekend (Thu-Mon) Module 3, and 3 weeks at Sandhurst) it's def not a voluntary timetable that can be easily mixed with civvy employment.
  6. It's all too difficult.

    There was a time not so long ago when a chap could pass CMT at the UOTC and then do a 5 minute interview convincing a board of old duffers at District (what we now call Regional Bdes) that he/she was an awfully nice chap and walk out with shiny pip on each shoulder.

    Lesser mortals did the interview first and then went to RMAS for a couple of weeks.

    Now we've raised the standards bar (correctly I believe) with the result that anyone wanting to go through the pain might as well do it properly and join the Regular Army where at least their colleagues won't equate them with Gareth from "The Office" and they will actually get to deploy as a Pl/ Tp Comd.
  7. MS

    Oh no, that's why they don't stay.
  8. Fair bit of stick, not enough carrot?

    It's 'easier' training wise and more rewarding in the long term to be an OR - an OC of mine once agreed with me there too!
  9. The knowledge that nowadays as a YO there is a hell of a lot of responsibility from day one and it is necessary to put a lot of time and effort into a unit to make it and yourself successful.

    It is no longer acceptable to join for the exclusive drinking club etc. (Excl OTCs obviously)

    If someone already has high powered job they may be more reluctant to take on this responsibility. I know of many a Rifleman/JNCO who have taken that route for this very reason.
  10. because the army are scared of sending inexperienced officers into the field when there are people who will xbadge and are willing to temp in the role.
  11. Well sort of....

    in my instance that is why I didn't rejoin....

    I had been away (abroad) for some years and although thought I was on the 'reserve list' (or whatever the hell it is called) it turns out some over-zealous Clerk had, in fact, resigned my Commission.

    [Quite how they managed this feat was never made clear]...

    but back in 2004 when I returned to Blighty - after a 5-6 years absence I approached the unit with a view to getting back into green.. only to be greeted with this news and the fact that I would have to do all my vetting again, possibly re-do DAB (or whatever it is now)....

    just seemed such a farce and I lost interest and drifted away again.
  12. In my day, old school cav, the first question I was asked was, 'What does your father do?', followed by , 'How much land does he own?'

    Didn't hang around for the third question...

    Anyway, back to the present, if I was looking at the requirments today for my first five years in the TA I think I would just say f**k it and go Reg, then join the TA later on.
  13. Spot on, lack of job satisfaction.
  14. On a weekend I observe the grown-ups and frankly they have a sh!t time. They get to sit in an office and cope with the mountain of paperwork running a sub-unit entails. I'm pretty sure it's not scaled down from the regular Officer paperwork burden in anything like the ratio the actual time available is. That is the carrot your offering fit young keen people - funnily enough they think its sh!t too. And so do I, not that anyone would be mad enough to offer me a LE commission.

    I'm sure they do other things, I know they get to drive to the other end of the country to sit in a room on cheap chairs and talk about the latest cuts to their budgets with the CO. Oh, and write a shedload of ACRs. And ... you get the point.

    And another thing ... OR training time commitments these days are higher than ever before and I'm positive we lose many as a result. PO time commitments are higher still ...
  15. I have to agree with TA-sig and ravydavy (hope I have represented your general views correctly!) There is now an endless stream of admin tasks and career development to be had and much, much less time spent in the field 'leading.' This may just be my experience but most of the 'fun' has gone. If I could whizz back in time I would probably dig-in and try to get some tapes rather than chasing the pips. In my Corps, I think we try too hard to get qualified for the next rank without really focussing on achieving all that we can at the current one. There is a lot of time spent learning doctrine etc but little chance to practice it.

    Don't really know what the answer is though.