Name on the list? Come on in...

Neil Pillock not going! Lets hope the event he's attending in Wales isn't near a beach.
It's going to be the "in" event of the year to go to so far.
Jeremy Clarkson is going, but then he would go to an opening of a pack of fags!
I bet old Teflon Tony is gutted his partner in crime Bush has declined to attend.

means he'll have to chat to Cherie instead of going over who to illegally invade next..


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I think kirchener should have come along to see what a popular leader looks like :)
It'd be ironic if Mark Thatcher got lost on the way to the funeral.
I worked on a rebuild of a house he bought for himself and his then septic wife. Loads of cash-in-hand paddys on the site. Someone put up signs saying "this way to the bog mark". "this way for the stairs mark" etc.


Michael Portillo is Married? I had him down as an Iron Hoof!

I suppose it could be his sister!

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