Name of white Sky/Cable wire...

Does anyone know the correct name for the white wire that plumbs your sky/cable feed in?

Trying to look for some on ebay but aint got a clue whats its called.
Coaxial. 75 ohm impedence may not be enough so use 90 ohm
It is... but its some sortv of low loss (probably) air spaced stuff. Also have to be careful to get the impedance right or you will get mismatches.

eg TV standard is 75 ohm while VHF radio is usually 50 ohm. Havent a clue what cable TV would be though.
if its cable i.e. ntl, virgin, telewest its RG6 CABLE stop a virgin van and ask buy some of the guy or get him to do you a homer as he will put ends on the cable and staple it to wall with rg6 staples far neater job than you could do with out kit..........
yeah RG6 is one name **100 is another. The star can be CT, or WF. If you can't find a Virgin van most large B&Qs sell rolls of it now along with the twist on F tye connectors you'll need for your Sky box
When I worked in the industry, we used RG6, 75 ohm. White for internal use, Black 'flooded' for externa;.
PF100 or CT100 is the best quality but costs the most. After that RG6 then RG56 (Its fifty somethinnk). This is for that sat signal and not TV analogue or digital.

If you are making long runs its best to use the PF100 if you can afford it.

Screwfix do the cable at good prices.
You want RG6 it's 100ohm and much better quailty than the shite you buy out of B&Q our stuff is shipped from the States. I'd also forget about RG56 it's a waste of time Telewest as it was back then stopped using it in 2000 and every install were it was present was ripped out and upgraded to RG6.

However if your using a standard crimp conector expect RF leakage via it best connection is a snap and seal

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