Name of old WW II move????

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by DavidBOC, Aug 25, 2012.

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  1. When I was a child back in the mid-fifties I saw part of a movie and it has been driving me nuts since.
    As I recall, and please remember, it has been a long time, the film was about a family in London. I think the father was in uniform, either military or police/civil defense. He was away when his home was bombed and he thought family was dead. The child survived but thought the father was dead. (recollection of this bit is hazy)

    When the child was little the father used to sing "Long long ago" by Thomas Haynes Bayly (tell me the tales that to me were so dear, long long ago, long long ago). The child wanders London hoping to find her father and the father is roaming around humming the song missing his daughter.

    I know this is a needle in a haystack search. The movie was on daytime TV in the '50's so it is pretty old. I saw half the movie at a neighbors house and got called home for Sunday dinner and have wanted to see the movie since.

    Any help or hints appreciated.
  2. Hmm.....I saw this exact text in another forum, but it was written in 2008....are you Daithi?
  3. BeagleBoy -

    Thanks for the information but that one is not it. The one I was seeking was set a bit later, during the blitz. Theme a bit like "The Little Princess" but set during WW II , not Boer War.

    I would presume there was a happy ending but I was watching at the Monti's next door before we had a TV and my Gran came to call me to Sunday dinner before the end.
  4. It was not on here but must be a yahoo group. I joined Yahoo Groups for an Irish language group and signed on with the Irish for David.

    Still would like to know what the movie was called so I could look it up.
  5. _Chimurenga_

    _Chimurenga_ LE Gallery Guru

    It's not "Journey for Margaret", is it ?
  6. Thought your account here may have been compromised is all, thought some bot may have been spamming forums and used your account on here too spam here.
  7. Thanks Cabana! Not that at all, just different usernames on different places as sometimes you try to join and someone else has the username you want.

    Chimurenga - I don't think that is the one but I will try to find it anyway. Sounds interesting.

    Sounds odd I know (but Septics can be odd) but have been trying to find this movie for about 55 years now.
  8. _Chimurenga_

    _Chimurenga_ LE Gallery Guru

    D Boc, I know the feeling of trying to remember those obscure films from one's childhood.

    When I was a very small child, I watched a low budget black & white horror movie on the saturday TV matinee that featured a man trapped on a jungle island that had huge venus flytrap type plants that ate a couple of small island girls. I only saw it just once thirty years ago but the image stuck with me and I recall having nightmares about it for weeks.

    About a month ago, a recollection of it crossed my mind and I wondered exactly what motion picture it was that had traumatised me so. Thanks to Google, I was able to track it down in a few minutes. It was 'Voodoo Island' starring Boris Karloff. What's more, I was able to find that exact same scene on the internet.

    And the nightmares returned ...
  9. Have a search for Thomas Haynes Bayly on IMDB and it gives a list of films in which his music was used, mostly 'Long long ago'.
    Thomas Haynes Bayley - IMDb

    It'll be one of those.

    If that doesn't work, there are message boards on there and some film buff will probably be delighted to help you with his/her knowledge of obscure films.
  10. My wife has seen it, and is trying to remember it without confusing it with German, Italian, etc war orphan films. Will let you know when she offers a title.
  11. Smoker Jim - Thanks for the effort. Just something that has bothered me since around 1954 or 1955. Tell the wife thanks for the effort too.

    One Tap - Thanks for the link. I looked at all of those and none were the one I seek.
  12. don't suppose you remember any of the actors