Name of old camp along B1 in Dortmund

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by john197014, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. What is the name of the old camp on the left side of the B1 (when you come from Paderborn) opposite the graveyard,just before you get to the new ADAC office block.
  2. I think the one you are refering to is the one simply refered to as 'Camp 7'. It had the large Naafi inside and was bordered by Cornwall secondary school and either Alexander or Alenbooke primary school inside.

    The other camp was Napier Barracks a couple of miles away that had 12 and 22 Air Defence Regiments based inside it with Victoria primary school on the edge of it. It also had (actually still does) 3 large Rapier simulation domes situated about 100 yards or so from back fence of school.
  3. thanks for reply :D
  4. Shirley the one on the left was Moore Bks?
  5. If you really mean the B1 and not the Hellweg there were 3 camps on the LHS. The first one was opposite the Graveyard and it was wher the Stn Workshops were. The second and third was where 19 Field and 16 Crack Flak were (West Riding IIRC) and next to them was Moore Barracks (I think) where 26 Regt Officers Mess was.
  6. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    A short walk from the Westfalenhalle, or a meringue?

    What a great rock venue that was. So many concerts I missed (Led Zeppelin is the one that most sticks in my mind cos they fell apart after the death of Bonham and I never got to see them), but I could see the names from the road.

    Pink Floyd The Wall (1981) and Genesis (1982) were the two I got to.
  7. As you came from Paderborn, on the left you had 61 Station Workshop REME, then UBIQUE Bks with 19 Regt RA (later 27 Fd Regt RA) then WestMoore Bks with 5 Heavy and 32 Heavy Regiments RA on the corner of Kamikaze Junction.
  8. Am I right in saying that where the massive (fairly new) ADAC office block is,
    is where the 2nd and 3rd camps were?
    Also,on the same side as the graveyard,is what looks like an old pads estate,
    is that right?
  9. Was that the one which had the carvings of the German soldiers on it that could be seen from the side of the road
  10. Looking on Google Earth I'm pretty sure the camp nearest the graveyard is/was Camp 7. Did it ever hava a proper name or was it always known as Camp7?
  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Back when I was a lad:

    Napier Bks held 22 AD, the garrison sports ground, St Barbara's Golf Course, a swimming pool and kino (and Cloudpunchers) and the annexe to the Naafi.

    Suffolk Bks held two primary schools, the Mojo's, The RMP, two churches, the Naafi, the YMCA, the Posties.

    West Riding Bks held 26 Field.

    Opposite West Riding was the Garrison Officers Mess.

    Moore Bks held 12 AD and the Garrison WO's and Sergeants Mess.

    Ubique held firstly 2 Field and then 4 Field.
  12. There was also a Med Centre in Suffolk and a whole host of those annoying little Forces Services type outlets like Insurance and travel etc.
  13. It was called Reasdale Barracks down one from Camp 8 Ubique Bks heading towards the Shell garage. Ubique had 24 msl in it until 1977 then 2nd Fd then 19 fd then 27 fd 4th Regt were not in Ubique I spent 16 yrs in Ubique I also guarded Reasdale Bks
  14. When you were a lad I was stationed with 12 AD Regt and then 16 AD. :crying:
  15. Brettarider,yes it is,and Im pretty sure thats the one that is still standing.
    Its got lots of satellite dishes hanging off the last block(refugee accn?)
    and what looks like the LAD behind that.