Name of employer?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gav--88, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi, im filling out a form and its asking for company name, company location, job titles and main duties? What do i do?

    Im in the TA, im a private in the RLC. Dont do anything but train!!!
  2. Unemployed then.
  3. That's fucking helpful.

    Just say HMF.

    If that cunt gives you any more grief, PM me.

    Dale T xx
  4. MSR, sorry for being a sweary mary. :cry:
  5. Whats wrong with putting unemployed?

    i would have thought the TA bit would go in the part of the form for people who are currently or previously serving. Therefore in the employment section it would ethier be N/A or unemployed.

    I was not having a pop at gav--88 just being straight to the point.
  6. Not unemployed.jus un-deployed lol.
    So company name is territorial army, Position held is rank, duties is the description of my trade?
  7. Doesn't the TA bit go at the end, under "Hobbies and interests?"
  8. AAGF


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  9. Its more like a part time job than hobbie and interest!
  10. Is their a section for currently serving in HMF in the form? If so it goes in that bit and leaves the other section N/A or just unemployed. This should be covered in the notes for guidance part of the form, best check if you have this as you don't want to make a mistake and have to fill the forms out again.