Name my dog

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ifrits_ghost, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I have a new dog to accompany me on my walks, its a male siberian husky from wales (but we wont hold that against him:) ) he is black, tan and white.

    (photo to follow)

    anyway as the subject says i need to name him all ideas welcome, rude, crude and comical alike.


  2. Syndrome :oops:
  3. I had a mad boxer dog whilst stationed at JHQ. Called him 'Major'. Great fun when training etc "Come here you daft bstard Major" etc etc
  4. Call him penis, just imagine the lines that could come from that name…

    “have you seen my penis?”
    “would you like to stroke my penis?”
    “isn’t my penis a good boy!”
    “my penis has been rolling in the mud and now he’s dirty and smelly”
  5. Who gives a sh1t what to call your dog?

    Stop being a lazy cnut and think of your own name for it. I'll wager you are not serving in anything resembling the Armed Forces but are a mere civilian.

    Probably a split arsse too, here for the love of a blood enraged, pen one five.
  6. why dont you call it

    'hump me'

    shout that out late at night on the common, i dare ya
  7. 'spunk ridden mut' is a good name.
  8. Pebbledash.



  9. i'd go for Knut

    "i spent all day sunday cleaning my penis. you won't believe how dirty my penis gets sometimes. he's great fun, although a bit smelly"
  10. you could always stick with the time honoured traditional