Name my dog

Black Labrador puppy inbound in a couple of weeks - need to name the chap.

After much inner-turmoil I've decided against following Sqn Ldr Gibson's choice - but all other names considered - he'll be a family pet but I might take him out on shoots eventually.

I quite like Fenton. What say the ARRSE illuminati?
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My dog is called Zeus and I think it's quite cool and it's also short and easy to shout.

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I like Gibson as well. It's quite clever if you think about it.


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Workmate is Crab brat and ex-Navy wife. They had this exact dilemma. They chose Zulu (a resident of Zululand). There is no more racist element than calling your son Scott (a resident of Scotland).

Being NATO phonetic is an extra.


The obvious one: Deefer.


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Or you could call it Still (Still N****)

Or maybe Klaatu or Gort?
I knew this was a good idea - ask the wife and kid and all suggestions have a touch the drab: Bertie and Woody, I don't think so.

Gibson is inspired - No.1 so far, followed by Deefer and Zulu.


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You might consider Fraser, after GMF, whose character in the MacAuslan series bore the nickname Darkie.


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... or Flash, after Flashman. Flashman never held back from the N word.


Labrador, - Canuck. Or stick with the 617 theme and go with Buster, as in Dambuster, it's also a good robust name for a pet/working lab.

Had a Border Collie named Ginger so I suppose Blondie could be an option. Once you get over the feeling-an-********-when-you-shout-for-him syndrome it's actually quite fun.
Was in some woods once and mine was just out of line of sight and a red setter was running round nearby. So I started shouting for mine and some kids were insistant 'he's over here mister'. 'Nope not mine, here he comes now'. Their faces as red setter continued mooching around and black and white collie came bounding up was something I will take with me always.
Just a thought.
A dog's name should ideally be two clear syllables, sharp single syllable names, like spot can be used though, it should be easy to shout and easy for the dog to recognise. For my gun dogs and terriers I use names like Bingo or Taxi, people think I'm barking shouting either down a badger set. There are some naming conventions to observe though, any dog who loses all it's hair must be renamed fluffy, all white dogs are always called spot, enquiring strangers who wonder about the name get told to look under it's tail. Big aggresive fighting breeds must be given effeminate names, like Snookey or Mr Widdums, whilst tiny lapdogs are all called gripper, killer or spike.
To stay traditional you will have to call him "Chalkie" of course.

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