Name mix-up sends military insurance benefit to wrong man

A man who wrongfully received $200,000 in life insurance benefits tracks down its rightful recipient -- the father of a soldier killed in Iraq.



"One is a 29-year-old marketing consultant, the other a 62-year-old grieving father. They worked in the same office building and shared the same name, first and last. But they had never met.

That changed Tuesday, when Carlos G. Rojas and Carlos M. Rojas embraced outside the Huntington Building in Miramar like old, dear friends.

And then, the younger Rojas handed the older man a yellow envelope. Its bittersweet contents: $200,000 in life insurance checks, the payoff from an insurance policy triggered when the older man's son, Kenny Rojas, was killed in October on a military patrol in Iraq.

''I believe this belongs to you,'' the younger man said with a smile as the elder Rojas wiped away tears.

Since January, Carlos G. Rojas had been searching for Carlos M. Rojas, of Pembroke Pines -- the rightful beneficiary of the life insurance claim."...

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