Name for a New Scottish Currency?

The Sweaties want to retain Sterling if they become independent, but they can fuck off.

If they do make Wee Eck Fairy Queen of Ecosse, what would be a good name for the new Scottish currency? How about the Jimmy'? It could be made up of 100 smaller currency units or CU's. So you would have CU, Jimmy.

Or the Haggis? Bring back the Groat?

Any other suggestions?
The return of pennys and shillings would help make sense of their crap names for beer, but I favour mickles and muckles as many a mickle apparently makes a muckle!

That scots pie will be 1 muckle and 35 mickles Mr Connery, you bloated old Hollywood rentboy you!
100 "chips" to a "shoulder" ?
But what currency will Westminster use to send aid money to them when they find out they're broke?

Sent by carrier pigeon using Speckled Jim
100 buckies to a ned


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100 freeeedoms to a Gibson
Or more obviously, 100 eckies to a Brassic.

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