Name changes, Bluff or cuff?

For this post i refer to the future change in divisional titles.  ie  1 div is to be heavy and 3 div is to be medium.

Personnaly i see this as a cost cutting exercise by some staff dinosaur to save us bringing our equipment levels up to strength as we all know are really needed.

Looks good on paper and will probably get them their MBE but for me personally commanding a vehicle which is older than myself (By a lot) i would prefer the equipment to bring us completely into to 21st century.

Stop cutting corners its going to get us into trouble one day. :-[


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I think one of the drivers behind this is to form up with the Americans, who are doing something similar. They're keeping a number of old-style Heavy Divisions, of the sort we all grew to know and love on REFORGER, the Gulf etc - but also introducing/converting some into Medium Divisions. As I understand it, the idea is that the Medium Division should be completely air-transportably by C-17.

As you say, ours will end up as oversize brigades with shite kit, but that's nothing new.

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