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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by azport, Feb 23, 2004.

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  1. Isn't it time, now that Arrse is so big (no pun intended) that the name gets changed, I for one am getting a bit sick of the looks I get when I wax Lyrical about the site to those not in the know. I suppose at one time it was amusing (still is) however, with notoriety surely a better name could be found ie MAD (Modern Army Discussion), BAD (British Army Discussion) you know the sort of thing. Even my mother looks at me strangely when I strt talking about the ARRSE website, quite frankly it only confirms her worst fears (about the internet ,not me). A name change surely could not be that difficult just re direct from ARRSE to SOC'S (Soldiers on Computers Speak), or something . I Know it's not good but you come up with a better one!
  2. Why change it? The CO's have worked hard on this site, ARRSE is gaining popularity, thats easy to notice over the last 14 months or so, and my tee shirt, although a little jaded, is not an embarassment to me or my mother. The name is fine, leave it as is. :eek:
  3. How about just leaving it alone? its not your bat and ball, so any changes will be made by the owners, this is not a democracy :D
  4. Your bang on Az' all your alternatives are crap,

    leave it be, arrse is arrse and if it wasn't arrse then it just wouldn't be, well, arrse, i suppose. :?
  5. I am with the rest, you have to know your ARRSE from your elbow :D
  6. Azport, 13 posts and wants to change the world that we all know and love, sod off.
  7. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Azport - 13 posts and knows how to make an ARRSE of himself. Good going. Status Quo!
  8. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    The man has a point though. Imagine my situation when speaking to: potential host, advertiser, software support forum etc. "Errmm.. yes the url is ..., that's not as dodgy as it sounds... you'll see what I mean when you get there.. cough".

    All it needs though is another url. Been saying I'll do it and will get on the case again now.
  9. you cant change it, its got such a great rep as ARRSE, I couldnt believe how many high ranking officers have mentioned it on courses Ive been on and meetings that Ive been to.
  10. Don't change it. As TURP says it has a wide reputation amongst senior officers and it's also easy to remember.

    Perhaps an alternate 'nice' URL which still points to this site would spare blushes.
  11. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Sorry - wasn't clear. I mean another url as well as the existing one so that I can describe it to some as or similar, but both urls point to the same site.
  12. Folks

    Sorry, didn't mean to cause offence. Few things to clear up first, I did have another name however, after the changes I couldn't log on so had to find another name, so there's your 13 paltry posts.

    Canteen cowboy don't be so touchy, nobody wants to take away your power, there are no tanks at the gate and the people still love you, revolution hasn't even been thought of yet, stay in your Ivory tower and mock the peasants below but remember a new saw might give you more wood.

    It was only a suggestion, senior officers might like to mention it, but any word they consider will make them one of the boys will always be "in".

    I say again, It's very simple, call yourself ARRSE and you will get the occasional visitor you don't want, great for publicity but if thats what your after ,why not just call yourself: Gay midget bi fetish lolita Army sex talk com.

    As I said, if you can think of a better name post it, after all thats all I was after !![/b][/quote]
  13. Is this blatant advertising of your own site?:wink:

    I think ARRSE is ARRSE, I can't actually think of it as anything else... :roll:

    hmmmmmmm.....nope! 8O

    But if Happy_snappy_we' is ever suggested i might just ponder it a little longer.... nahhhhhhhhhh! It's ARRSE!:lol:

    But I'm sure if your mother has any problems with the name a few minutes in the NAFFI will help straighten her out, try Saturday, about 11.30pm?
  14. ermm me being touchy all I said was that:

    and you could say more trees give you even more wood :roll:

    is that how you found us? :D
  15. Ex've posted here under 'Canteen Cowboy' as well. What is that all about?

    I like ARRSE......said loudly with a military tone, it projects an image of authority! Don't believe me? Then try it in the Mess this morning just after you hang up your beret!

    ARRSE!!!!!! You know it makes sense!

    (PS. are one arrse kisser deary)