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I'm planning on applying as soon as I've got my fitness up (aiming for REME) but I'm also working on legally changing my name. Getting the deed poll is easy, and I know I'll have to inform my bank, doctor etc of the name change, but will it affect my application? And will I need to change the details on my passport (which'll cost me) as well to be taken seriously or can I just provide my deed poll document?



Wait until you've joined and then do it. I can only imagine the bollox up that capita could make of a situation like that. You joining date will probably move to 1/1/2050.

Definately agree dont do anything like that before your in or you will be waiting forever!!

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What everybody else has said. Don't do anything until you are in. Unless you are fine with an added 5 years before you start

Unless your name is something like 'shitforbrains'


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I totally agree with all those who advocate waiting until you're in. I mind a Scaley in 212 Sig Sgn, when I was attached to them, changing his name (from Sch**** to "Johnny Rebel", of all things) and the whole process, including a new passport, went down in a couple of weeks with no trouble at all. He even got new name-tags (as was the "fashion" at the time) for free.

Before a certain change in the law, at least one serving soldier had changed their name to 'Iamgay'

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