Name change during basic


I'm in need of some advice regarding name change and phase one training.

I had a name change last year, but I never updated my passport. When I went to the AFCO to start the application, they insisted that I go with the passport name and sort it all out in phase one. I'm due to start phase one at ATR Bassingbourn and I still need to update my passport, but I'm afraid of how long it will take to get back.

Is it easy to change your name once in phase one/two, or is it going to cause a lot of hassle?

My bank, driving license and some education certs are in my new name - passport, birth cert (obviously), etc is in my old name.

I'd really appreciate any advice anyone can give.
I'm going to update my name on my passport soon, but I'm wondering when and how to handle it in regards to starting basic shortly, because I will need to also update my details with the Army, as they only have my old name.

I'm also interested in if this is going to cause a lot of problems, or not during phase one?

In addition to that, I have to do the security clearance, so it maybe best updating my details before then, so that there is no confusion on their end.
Does not updating your name on your passport solve all of these problems?

Stop fretting and get moving.

This strange. Your passport is NOT the authority for your name. A only passport reflects your official name. If your birth certificate, has been reissued in a new name then that is your name. The same goes for changing of name by deed poll.

You should not have shown the army your passport as proof of name. You should have used your birth certificate and a copy of the document legally changing your name.

Furthermore, when you legally change your name, you renounce the use of the former name, thus you shold not be using a passport in a name that is no longer yours. You are at fault here not the army.

In fact I would go so far that you could be open to accusations of attempting fraudulent enlistment etc.

So get it sorted now and stop trying to use a false identity when trying to join the British Army.

Is the army now trying to enlist people who cannot even work out what their own name is? The words admin and vortex come to mind.

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