Name change by Feb 04

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Dec 10, 2003.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Any truth in the rumours that the TA name change will happen in Feb next year?

  2. we'll find out tomorrow probably.
  3. where from?

    In soldier it said early next year and that was it
  4. Defense White Paper
  5. Hmmm does this name change come from the same prats who remaned the Min Ag & Fish Death Threat.

    There's nothing like a Labour government for turning a chap into a Tory.
  6. The way things are going the TA will become the Army Reserve and be platoon plus in size.
  7. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Anyone remember this?

    Sourced from The Plan - somewhere in Tall Stories I think.
  8. So the name Weekend Warriors will be made official, about time.
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I have always liked- "Gun club with a drink problem!"
  10. yep and the new army name will happen then to
  11. Don't you mean "A Drinking Club with a firearms problem"?
  12. thats better a drinking club with a gun problem and a uniform fetish :twisted:
  13. well according to volume 2 of the white paper the TA will be integrated into the army including composite sub units. also the TA will be used more frequentley.
  14. At the risk of being done on copyright matters, from the "supporting essays":

    Army Reserves
    Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have marked the development of the TA as the Reserve of first choice to support our land forces, with the Regular Reserve a further valuable resource where needed. The Army has good reason to be grateful both to the TA soldier and to employers for enabling the TA to be deployed with such striking results. The Department will be looking at the support the law gives Reservists in reinstatement in their civilian employment and at the package of support for employers and their employees when mobilised. Further investigation of the most effective way to make use of the skills of Regular Reservists is also taking place.

    Whereas the Regular Army and the TA were formerly two separate organisations, they are now regularly used in concert. The TA is an integral part of the future structure of the Army and TA soldiers:
    • Can expect to be called out to work alongside Regulars on operations as an integrated part of a larger scale deployment.
    • Will contribute on a voluntary, planned, basis to enduring commitments, capitalising on the volunteer ethos that underpins the TA.
    • Will have increasingly clearly defined roles in routine or enduring operations through the provision of trained individuals and composite sub-units and elements.
    • Will provide the balance of specialist capabilities for specific operations, including those not routinely required in the Regular Army in any quantity, and those that exploit the civilian qualifications and skills in which the TA is so rich (examples would include civil/military co-operation and other nation-building skills, and media operations).
    • Continue to provide an essential link between the Army as a whole and civil society through their nationwide presence and local connections.
    • As part of their nationwide presence, contribute through Civil Contingency Reaction Forces (CCRFs) to the provision of a readily accessible local source of trained and organised manpower to assist the emergency services in managing the aftermath of a serious terrorist or natural emergency.
    Closer integration of the TA with the Regular Army will increasingly involve the provision of composite sub-units and elements for specific, planned deployments. TA units in the UK will continue to provide and develop the essential functions of recruiting, training, force generation, administration and welfare matters, links with the local community, and close relations with their Regular Army counterparts.