Name? Bond. Jane Bond.


British recruiters seek female spies.

Britain's secret spy agency, home to the very white and very male 007, is hunting for women and minorities to tackle global terrorism. More than 20,000 people have applied since MI6 began its open recruiting campaign about a year ago, in a drive that has all but replaced the famous shoulder tap used to recruit author Graham Greene and others in World War II.

MI6's Web site encourages mothers to apply and assures women they won't be used as "honey pots," or seductresses. Disabled applicants are welcome. And a special search is directed at minorities who speak Mandarin, Arabic, Persian and the Afghan languages of Dari and Pashto.

Could the future James Bond be a woman or a dark-skinned Urdu speaker?


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B_AND_T said:
The theme is very close to me for personal reasons. My wife is a former lieutenant of KGB and graduated in the High School of KGB. Eventually she retired. It was long ago in Soviet times.

As for the last phrase from the quote then how would typical Briton look at the end of this century?


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Feckin easy... just get any old tom, dick, harry or indeed fido, sling a black blanket over them, then tell them not to speak or you'll thrash them and marry them off to an OAP....

for that authentic "middle eastern lady" feel and smell if someone should lift the burka a bit, dip them in contact adhesive, and throw them into a mixture of horse hair and rotting pilchards...

Job jobbed.


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KGB_resident said:
My wife is a former lieutenant of KGB and graduated in the High School of KGB.
You have my sympathy Boris. I used to play hide the bratty with an ex Stasi woman. She was cold and business like when sober, and depressingly morose after a drink. Bad times.
Bandalong said:

Did she keep her old uniform for errr extra fun?
Frankly speaking I have never seen my wife in a uniform. She never wore it at home, in public places. I saw only photos made for documents.

I suppose that MI5/6 servicewomen rarely wear uniforms. I wish them all the best because I'm too well aware how difficult are trainings. Everyday life of an agent of secret services is a hard work, if fact invisible for public.
That's because he is in fact a transvestite long distance lorry driver called "Derek" from Romford.

There's no ex KGB wife although there is his civil partner (Nigel) but he comes from Chingford.
Not really new is it... used girlies and others in WWII, good grief, we even used the French!!!
Bandalong said:

Did she keep her old uniform for errr extra fun?
Sadly not. Fun ist verboten schnuckiputzi!
captaincalamity said:
So you actually had to believe what she told you? You never saw any real evidence? Interesting...
That time my Father was a colonel of KGB. And as her Father was a former military pilot then there were no problems with her background to join KGB ranks.

I fancy that young and talented mr.David Milliband would not pass MI5/6 tests. His Father was a well-know theoritic of Marxism and Grandfather was a fighter in the Red army during Russian civil war. However for KFB it would not be an obstacle.

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