Name Badges and Wristlets Apparently

Discussion in 'RLC' started by hellfyyr, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. Yes - I am all for them

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  1. I might have seen a missive from a Corps Adjt suggesting that woven name badges are no longer to be worn on unifom by anyone in the Corps.

    The alternative is a plastic name-badge if you need to be identifiable - I am guessing it will eventually have stars like a McDonalds badge :x

    Couple of points against this pointless (sic) new order:

    1. The amount of money it will cost to exchange lots of serviceable uniforms - that will look odd now that they need to have the name tag removed (washing mark/fading/damage due to badge removal).

    2. Name badges look smart and allow easy reference to personnel who do not know each other and allow a job well done/done badly to be recognised in these circumstances.

    I also believe a recent decision has been made to prevent WOs from wearing a rank wristlet in short sleeve order?

    Another complete turn-around from previous policy with no logical reason (I for one have problems at a distance spotting the difference between a SSM and Maj in Cbt 95).

    I believe the COC also has issues with the colour of T-shirt to be worn (green only apparently). I do not wear the brown issued t-shirts but was led to believe that thos issued on ops would be permissable for wear.

    I am all for uniformity but this kind of pointless meddling does nothing for morale. Providing a soldier takes a pride in their appearance, ensuring they wear the TRF and stable belt; what does it matter if they have a neatly tailored name badge or wristlet on (like the rest of the army do)?

    Another fantastic attempt to make things better - well done DRLC...
  2. I think in Barracks etc that name badges should be warn especially in some large units where yound scrotes tend to merge with the masses. On Ops name badges should not be worn for the obvious reasons.

    If you can't spot the difference between an SSM's badge and a Major's you need your eyes testing.
  3. I agree partly but not with the ops point - exactly what can someone do with your surname?

    As for the second point - I did say at a distance...
  4. Surname on Ops? Alright if you're called Smith or Jones but more uncommon names can be easily tracked if they wanted to. There are only around 5 people in the UK with the same surname as me!!!!
  5. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Name badges are a good idea for a Corps where we trickle post people left, right and centre, as long as they put on properly by a decent tailor. It is much better to be able to address an individual by their rank and name. Ref not having them on ops - depends where you are I suppose but you cannot see them if you have CBA on.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Name badges are a wonderful idea for the ladies in green.

    One can use looking at their name badge as a GREAT excuse for a letch.

    Oh the mamaries :oops: (sorry, memories).
  7. Day one, week one, :roll: armed only with Rank, Corps and Surname you would be surprised what someone can find out from Corps/trade magazines or even a simple search on google.

    Once you have one lead its like a stack of cards falling.

    All a bit Cold War but wearing a tin foil hat never killed anyone! Stands back and awaits proof otherwise. :wink:
  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    I would agree that this, if true, is a bad idea. Trying to distinguish between differently sized crowns at distance is bad enough with my glasses on. Without them, you may as well have a custard stain on your rank-slide. I'll still have to be within 10 ft before I can determine whether I have to salute or not.

    A wristlet is an invaluable aid ;)
  9. I, for one, cannot believe that they have taken such a stance on a completely harmless issue.

    There are far more important things that the Corps needs to sort out - in no particular order:

    VENG - introduced in Jan 08

    Website - Has been redone but is still littered with errors (How many types of Postal & Courier?)

    Maybe they should re-read this:

    RLC Website Thread

    Sustainer - A magazine that if it was a person would be termed 'gender confused'. It does not know what it wants to be and as a result is hardly the greatest read (in fact it's pretty dull most of the time). This has been discussed here:

    The Sustainer

    and here:

    Sustainer to Retire?

    There are a lot of things that need attention but I cannot mention them all. Name badges and wristlets are not what we expected from a new DRLC, CRSM, Adjt. I am glad they are working towards greater professionalism and improving the military covenant by tinkering with dress yet again.
  10. Is there a new Corps RSM?

    Someone PM me if its a very recent appointment. I am a bit out of the way down here.
  11. Better by far to worry about substance not style and inculcate a more soldierly spirit. A poorly trained soldier with a namebadge remains a poorly trained soldier - but style is easier to change than substance.

    Better to look good than be good?
  12. well he has done about a year?
  13. OK. I know I am a bit remote but not living in a fecking cave!
  14. Fair one but your lot are a bit dull/dim :D
  15. My lot? Please expand, and I dont mean your waistband.