Name and shame!!

I've got one of those pullovers and I don't care - so there :headbang:
I quite like their stuff. I bought a nice new pattern 29 Cdo tie as a result of meiktilaman's outburst against the regi sweater. Much nicer than the old stripey one a la stable-belt!

I think I might get a sweater too, just to annoy those who stand against officer fashion victim status. I've got red moleskin jeans and I'm not afraid to use them!
What exactly is the facination with Red moleskin trousers? Why are they so popular with officers, apart from the fact that it sets them apart from OR's.
Anyone for a few ginger beers eh chaps? We'll have a jolly spifing time!!!!

Cheers Easy!
S*it, that didn't work!!!! It was supposed to display the picture of the Rupert in the red cords, gay HAC jumper and quilt-come-scarf effort round his neck!!!!

Cheers Easy!
Skinn_Full said:
Anyone for a few ginger beers eh chaps? We'll have a jolly spifing time!!!!

Cheers Easy!
Ginger beers? If you could drink like officers instead of talking about it, then we might have a few gallons for a warm up. There are two effs in spiffing by the way, just like p1ss off. Map of Africa motif sh1t-catcher jeans versus red moleys? I know what I would choose!
The ties are all right as a bit of a change form the normal Regt/Corps versions, well it would if you are artillery that is, but the rest of the stuff is crap and over priced. I mean, who on earth is going to impress their lady by wearing boxer shorts in Company/Regt/Corps colours? I mean, HAC boxers for J... sake!!
Red moleskins and a Cordings tweed jacket are de rigeur, don't you know... :thumleft:

And unless this shop sells GVA underpants, it just ain't pukka !
Why spend all that money on a regimental tie when you can buy one directly from your (ex-)unit for half that price? Maybe that's the price you have to pay to walt it up.

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