Name and shame social workers.

A deliciously subversive site along the same lines as the now emasculated 'Solicitors from Hell'

His diatribe relating to 'Secret Courts' is sadly misinformed. As is usually the case, it is a 'parroting' of the slogan invented and promulgated by the popular press who regard court-imposed reporting restrictions in the family courts and the court of protection as an attack upon their God-given right to maximise their circulation with equally misinformed reporting.
I read through some of the comments and ended up with a whole lot more more sympathy for the system than when I started. Yes the system has flaws, but just look at the evidence on this site of the state of some of the people they are having to deal with!

A new definition of "rights" seems to be appearing.

"What I want is my right regardless of any law"

Whilst they would claim to want totally open public processes, would many of these people really want their own previous actions and deficiencies listed for their local press?

If anything, I think the system probably errs on the side of parental rights rather than those of children. If a local authority were in error to employ someone with a criminal record to work in a school, among the first of parents to want that man out and compensation for putting her children at risk will be the woman who has freely chosen herself for her own needs to shack up with a man with a criminal record for vioolent offences against previous partners and children.

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