Name a Royal Navy ship after Margaret Thatcher

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ex-Grenadier, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. God Bless dear old Maggie! Wouldn't it be a kick in the teeth for bloody Blair, just when he has announced that the once proud British Navy is about to be practically CUT IN HALF through his latest narrow-sighted defence review, if the British public were to show their contempt of him and everything which New Labour stands for by petitioning in sizeable numbers to have a ship in the Royal Navy named "HMS Iron Lady", a reference to the popular sobriquet often given to our former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher?

    To that end, the following e-petition has been lodged with Number 10 Downing Street:

    "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to honour the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, by naming a ship in Her Majesty's Royal Navy "HMS Iron Lady".

    As Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher protected the interests of the UK on the world stage. She ensured that the Falklands were defended when invaded by a foreign power. During the ensuing conflict, the Royal Navy fought valiantly and were distinguished by their actions. The Baroness's determination to stand up to Communism, in particular by maintaining our Armed Forces and nuclear capability, contributed greatly to the fall of Communism, and the liberation of millions. The US have honoured Sir Winston Churchill, who stood up against the tyranny of fascism, through naming one of its vessels "USS Winston Churchill"; we should accord a similar honour to a woman who struggled against the tyranny of dictatorship. The Royal Navy is currently commissioning Type 45 Destroyers. One such ship could be named "HMS Iron Lady" in reference to Baroness Thatcher, echoing the designation of the vessel "HMS Iron Duke", named in honour of the Duke of Wellington, who also stood firm against a tyrant."

    So Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, spread the word that the petition can be signed at the following web address:

    Go on, sign it, you know you want to. After all, just imagine if the Argentine flag were now fluttering above the Falklands, then tell me you don't want to sign ...
  2. You have got to be fncking p1ssed.

    Perhaps She should have Her name on a submarine, one which loses a logbook once a year. Perhaps we should have a ship named after one of Her great victories - HMS Poll Tax, perchance or HMS GrabWhatYouCan.
  3. Nope... because she helped blatantly draw the argies into the Falklands and with John Nott saw some of the biggest cuts in forces history right beforehand.

    Thatcher was definitely no Churchill/Wellington
  4. must agree with Sven on this one , for many reasons
  5. And the award for Best First Post goes to.....!
  6. But having said that under today's leadership we'd probably get the HMS Faye Turney - makes the HMS Iron Lady sound like a good idea...
  7. Fcuk it, we've got an HMS Iron Duke why not an HMS Iron Lady besides it could annoy Bliar.

    Its not as if anyone will petition for HMS Grinning Twat in the future!
  8. Iran's named a RIB after Blair (allegedly). It isn't all that reliable; leaks, drifts in the wrong direction and is bound to be sunk eventually.
  9. HMS Iron Duke is named in respect of Wellington! She is not in that league! What was the Thatcher legacy re the armed forces? Granted that now we have cnut's who could not give a dam but was it really great under Maggie?
  10. Sorry my posting seems to have rattled the cages of the earlier respondees.
  11. Get to fcuk!

    Three words: The Nott Review.
  12. Could call it HMS "Crush the industry strangling unions", or HMS "adopt a fair taxation process for council tax that depends on how many people live there and therefore use the services as opposed to just taxing you because you worked to become succesful, AKA Poll Tax" or HMS "lets not let a foreign power seize sovereign territory regardlesss of whether the conspiracy theorists say you knew about it beforehand, regardless of the fact that the same "intel" had been supplied to every PM for 20 years prior at the same threat level and none of them did anything about it and it became so common it was ignored by the FCWO"

    Personally, I'd name an ICBM sub after her, the SECOND biggest, baddest one we have. Obviously the first would be reserved for Winston.

    You may have gathered that I have a little sex wee for the Iron Lady :)
  13. :) Labour of all people thanks to Int provided by SIS sent a SSN down south and made sure the Argies knew about when they rattled there sabres about the Falklands in 1977
  14. Granted she's not in that league, just pointing out she at least had a decent nick name unlike Bliar. The only Iron he is' is what he gets out of Multibionta!
  15. Fucking right!

    Three fucking monster SSBN's, as in the size of a WW2 Battleship, carrying more Tridents than you can shake a stick at!

    HMS Winston Churchill
    HMS Iron Lady
    HMS Iron Duke

    That'd be the ticket :D