Name 5 Redeeming Things about Europe.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Devil_Dog, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. 1. Overfed
    2. Overpaid
    3. Under sexed
    4. Over rated
    5. Over there.
  2. 5 Redeeming things about America.
  3. 1.Responsible for US existence (don't know if that is redeeming. I highly doubt it.)
    2.Birthplace of modern civilisation
    3.Invented soccer
    4.Best food in the world
    5.Best sex in the world.
  4. 1. Incest is illegal, not compulsory.
    2. Dictionaries contain the correct spellings.
    3. It's only illegal to smoke a fag in an indoor public place.
    4. Europeans know where Europe is.
    5. Humour doesn't require the use of laughter cue cards. (Even in Germany).
  5. 1. Beastiality means "not being very nice to someone."
    2. Member states don't turn up 2 years late for world wars.
    3. State leaders are not selected for their number of oscar nominations or ability to impersonate animals.
    4. Plans for world domination are thought through before committing forces.
    5. Chief_Two is not European.
  6. My bold. We're overfed you say???

    Taken from Fatties
  7. 1. We've dragged the rest of the world forward by sheer swear of our brows for the last 1000 years.
    2. We're not septics.
    3. We don't need any others.
  8. Being European means we're not fecking American!!!!

    (Adopted and altered from the might Tommy Tiernan)
  9. 1. It stops at the channel.
    2. Umm...
  10. My Bold. That refers to being British not European, France capitulated along with Holland and Belgium, Switzerland didnt want to fight, Scandanavian countries either capitulated (Finnish put up a good fight tho) or welcomed the Nazi war machine in. Spain had no guts for a fight, finally Germans started the whole thing :D
  11. that question is a hard one?

    1. european parliament does not take no for an answer (keep voting untill it gets a yes (chang the name of the constitution and vote again)
    2. taking control of british boarders
    3. taking control of british laws (changing them into what they want)
    4. costs over £2000 per minute for britain to be a meber
    5. makes britain comply with all its regulations but other member states ignores them if its in their own intrests.

    this list can go on and on but i can't think of any redeeming things

    british for ever european never!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 1. Champagne
    2. The Sistine Chapel
    3. The English Channel

    errrm ...

    4. Nope. Sorry. Run out.
  13. I think you'll find it is British poli-scum who enact the directives and British bureaucrats who choose to enforce them. Unlike their French and German counterparts.

    Which amazes me, given Hans's usual predilection for writing down rules for everything and obeying the exact letter, even when clearly hideously out of context (insert usual story about German-inspired NATO fubar).
  14. Although now mostly brewed in the uk:-

    Stella Artois
  15. :D British Beer, Kippers, Stilton Cheese, Italian Pizza's French Trains. :D