Name 30 reasons that the Armoured trade is Superior to Inf.

I know Iknow, we're all in this together, combined Arms doctrine and all that... But aside from the logic and truth to that, why are Armoured soldiers Better, stronger, smarter, and more popular with the ladies than your average Neanderthal groundpounder?
Because they count post-op thai men as 'ladies'.
Do you mean armoured infantry compared to light role.

Could it be that the infantry spend so much time on ops they have little time for lazing around in bars.
Why is this in the TA Forum?
FrankCastle said:
Why is this in the TA Forum?
'Cause I'm mildly retarded and fully negligent.


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polar said:
^when did we get warrior?
The FV510 entered service with the armoured infantry in 1988.

As to the topic at hand, I'll quote two men who disagree with the contention of the titled question. The first is an anonymous American infantryman and the latter is one Britain's best known (if entirely fictional) cavalrymen.

American Infantryman said:
We were in a bad shape now. I know that at one point my feet were about to crack open. My stomach knotted by hunger and diarrhoea. My back feeling like a mirror made of nerves shattered in a million pieces by my flack jacket, pack, extra mortars, machine gun ammo. My hands a mass of hamburger from thorn cuts and my face a mass of welts from mosquitoes. I desired greatly to throw everything down and sob.

I remember a captain, an aviator, who observing a group of grunts toasting the infantry in a bar, said, “You damned Infantry think you’re the only people who exist!”

You’re damned right we do!

General Sir Harry Paget Flashman V.C. said:
It was the infantry coats I wanted to see, though, for (and I’m a horse soldier as says it) I know what matters. When the guns haven’t come up, and your cavalry’s checked by close country or tutti-putti, and you’re waiting in the hot dusty hush for the faint rumble of impi or harka over the skyline and know they’re twenty to your one – well, that’s when you realize that it all hangs on the double line of yokels and town scruff with their fifty rounds a man and an Enfield bayonet. Kitchner himself may have placed ‘em just so, with D’Israeli’s sanction, The Times’ blessing, and the Queen waving ‘em goodbye – but now it’s their grip on the stock, and their eye at the backsight, and if they break, you’re done. Haven’t I stood shivering behind ‘em often enough, wishing I could steal a horse from somewhere? Aye, and if I’m still here it’s because they seldom broke in my time.
Totally arbitrary #. Might be more!
And WTF is THAT then?! And don't say "...a weed"...
Its a tumbleweed.

You know, ghost town; everything gone quiet and nothing happens?
OOOoohhhhh! OK. I realize I'm a thread killer, but to kill your own thread is pretty bad indeed!
Now Now gents there no point starting a pointless poo slinging match over who wang is bigger.

30 reasons!! now there’s wishful thinking on flagrants part me thinks.

Seeing as you've posted this in the TA section I will be careful about not upsetting our Regular Armored brethren.

But lets see, you get to play tanks in your TTV's (Landrovers), play computer tanks in your simulators and once a year get to play with a real mobile infantry intimate support vehicle (TANK).

You require the humble infantryman to provide support for your FIBUA training and field firing exercises, also you won't go anywhere without mutual infantry support in case you might happen upon some of our counterparts.

You get deployed on operations to the sand box as either individual replacements for Tanks or get to stag on for 6 months just like your Infantry counterparts.

Don't get me wrong you provide a useful role, by wearing red trousers and thinking they look great, drinking large amount of Champagne keeping the French in business and generally making everyone else look far more normal than they perhaps are.

Always remember if you think armored are the lions and Infantry are the donkeys, you don’t see many donkey skin rugs :)

i'v got a donkey jacket :D
Bugger, now theres my argument blown out the water :oops:
Accidentally posted it on TA. Regular force(ex) here. It was a joke meant to inflame. It was NOT meant to act as a porchlight to draw the moths of bore. Did you not read the disclaimer?
The jokes taken as its ment :)

I've just bought another can of petrol to help the cause :)

You're unlikely to get that much of a rise as most RAC and inf have worked together for prolonged periods and, sorry to say it, get on pretty well.

Personally I was mortified when my troop got seconded to an infantry battalion for an emergency tour and discovered they were in fact human and not knuckle draggers.

Now if you extend the ambit of the question and ask why on earth anyone would want to join anything other than a teeth arm (apart from getting to wear lots of gucci kit and not have to get it dirty), you might get more of a reaction.

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