Nam Vet walt nicked.

'One-armed Vietnam vet' Robert McMahon counts cash he scammed from New York motorists | Mail Online

Meet Robert McMahon a fearless veteran of Da-Nang, Bin-Woe and Hill 109, 72-73 2nd Marine Division USMC.
His nickname is Rambo (I just can't think why) he has 62 confirmed kills and heroically lost his leg in combat or was it his arm (I don't know it ..........seems to vary on certain days).
We cannot know the great story of how our hero lost one or two of his limbs nor can we know the even greater story of how they grew back again (its to painful to talk about apparently, although money does seem to help the limb return).
But I'm sure that Robert "Rambo" Mcmahon will be a unforgettable name that will echo through the USMC for generations like Carlos Hathcock, like Ira Hayes like Charles Whitman he is a USMC legend!

Oh Okayyy maybe not apparently nobody in the Marine Corps has heared of him................oh come on surely someone..........anyone

Oh fine well he's been locked in the slammer for begging anyway.

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