Nam-bo knives

I've been a fan of the site for a long time and laughed like a drain at many a post but I've just watched my first episode ever episode of the old "Tour Of Duty?" show on you tube and despite the way-too theatrical hollywood explosions and wooden acting, something troubled me...

Could anyone tell me if it was it really the norm for US personelle to duct tape the biggest FOGB knife ever to the left shoulder strap of their webbing. Similar images are seen with Alec Baldwin in FMJ and I'm sure many others.

I wonder if anyone could let me know if this was truely an accepted practice or just Hollywood bull $hit.

Apologies if this if the wrong forum for such an thread, Mod's please advise as necessary.

I beleive the USMC are issued with a K Bar combat knife
I can only remember one episode; a sniper has recurring dreams about the people he has killed pointing at, after shooting someone, he cuts their fingers off...

Like I said, I only watched this episode. That was enough. :roll:
Most Yankee soldiers I've met do seem to have the proclivity for strapping themselves to a mahoosive stabber, if not on the front of their webbing then at least somewhere about their person.

Officers seem to be allowed out with whatever kit they want, at times, and as they all seem to wish to be the epitomy of gung ho they seem to think the bigger the better.

As said above, it quite often seems to be a status thing, but whether Hollywood copied them, or they hollywood, I havent a scooby. Most probably the latter.
went on nijmegan marches once and the US marine team had m16's kbars and bayonets :roll:
for a walk along dutch roads so god knows what they'd carry to war :roll:
My brother bought me a Survival Companion It weighd a ton so I swapped it for a Victronix Mauser folder much better and a shed load lighter, still got it

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