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I have been an avid fan of drinking beer and somehow loosing my clothes for a while now.

Does anyone else suffer from this affliction and why??

Stories of nked bars etc most welcome.
if you look up a thread called "in the raw" posted some time ago , you will see that this is common practice amongst hetero tigers everywhere. :)
Yes, I was a sufferer for many years although I now seem to have grown out of it - however given the right circumstances?!! :twisted:

It is a perculiarly military passtime - along with rugby clubs I suppose.

I remember distinctly some years ago dancing naked on the bar of the mess with 3 or 4 others while the bar staff continued to serve pints between our legs to the fully clothed punters on the other side. In hind sight I have often pitied the bar staff and the view that they had during this incident.
bernoulli said:
Dance of the Flaming A*rseholes....... :D
Kluang, Malaya, the market at about midnight, I did the "Flamer" to celebrate my 21st. It was only later that someone informed me that, only a few tables away, sat my boss, his very attractive wife, and their two teenage daughters.
I got a few extras out of that, but sadly, fcuk-all else. :oops:

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