Naked workers suspended after crowd witnesses sex in office

It doesn't say in the article what the couple were suspended ' by/with/from '..

chains/rope? meat hooks? details, please...
JoseyWales said:
Thank goodness they weren't MP's - the outrage in the House would be unbelievable. The outcome predictable.

no chance for that i guess ... it would mean they'd be doing something that makes sense
they'd be moving without getting any money for it ... on second thought i don't think this would ever happen :D
IvyGrad said:
YesItsMe said:
sorry if this has been done before - couldn't find it anywhere though ;)

linky to story


How do you code to get that "linky to story" text to appear to access the URL?

Many thanks,
you copy the url - then press the button top row 6th from either side above the answer window
small window pops up
you put in the url
press enter
another line pops up
you put in what you want the link to be called such as linkydinkydoodledoo ;)

that's it :D
Some one has a bunk up organised which wasn't scheduled for the Sunday morning. They were naked - now that's a new thing on the intercourse front. If only a couple of Paddy's turned up A.L. ?

The end result, ' They were shoving it, pushing it, heaving it and shushing it. Hogan, Logan., Mc'Ginty and O'hare '

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