Naked (well, nearly) Tesco!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forastero, May 3, 2009.

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  1. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Love it. Paramedic in uniform gets refused to serve alcohol in Tesco, strips, returns in thong and gets nicked. Joking aside, I despair at these stupid bloody rules that discriminates (ooh!) against a decent law-abiding citizen from buying a bottle of wine 'because he's wearing a uniform'. WTF ever happened to common sense? Top drills to the geezer concerned mind.
  2. Tesco, the f*cking Evil Empire. It's a little known fact that their Head Office is actually on a Death Star in a galaxy far, far away.
  3. TESCO and the silly rules it applies makes me wonder whether the dreadful organisation has been taken over by the Government.
  4. If Tesco do not allow people in uniform to purchase come they serve their own staff in uniform when they have just finished their shift? I have seen this happen many times at my local store.
  5. I never notice any problem with folks getting served wearing CS95 in Blandford and Aldershot Tesco.

    This story didn't get much response first time round, Forastero:
  6. My youngest daughter bought a bottle of wine in Tesco's the other day. She was asked for ID- she was quite chuffed really as she is 30 this year and had her 13 yearol son with her! :eek:
  7. A thong....things not to wear at work unless you are female..
  8. Reads like a store policy, not a company wide policy, although it does say emergency services not all uniforms.

    I've never had any problem at my local place, near a two single service Army sites and a joint unit.
  9. Thank you for pointing out the bigger problem here. :D
  10. Where will this end ?

    I often deliver to Tescos, and if it looks as if I am going to have a late finish and there are a few trucks in front of me, I buy a few beers for when I get home.

    Does this now mean that they will not serve ambulance drivers etc. with cigarettes in case they smoke them in a non smoking area or while driving ?

    I have seen firemen pop into Sainsburys and buy biscuits for their tea break. Does this mean Tescos would not serve them as they thought they were going to have an unofficial tea break ?
  11. Bravo! :clap: Good(if somewhat distrubing 8O )drills that man! :D
  12. What offence did the man commit to warrant being arrested? Surely wearing a thong isnt a serious arrestable offence is it? Or did the lying unelected one eyed slack jawed idiot sneak that law in too.
  13. Oh, you have no idea... :twisted:

    Tesco recently rolled out a new uniform for their staff; it includes "combat trousers". It's the next step in the Master Plan: having secured a financial stranglehold by selling most of the food we eat, Tesco will slowly morph into a paramilitary organisation. 8O

    Mark my words: within a few years, Tesco will be offering armed "security services" for those who can afford them. These "Tesco Commandos" will operate with impunity, since by that time Tesco will have bought itself Extra-Territorial Status - effectively, it will have become a country in all but name and many of it's staff will enjoy "deplomatic immunity".

    The rich will live in luxury areas, guarded by heavily-armed Tesco Commandos who will shoot first and ask questions later. By this time Tesco Security Group will have it's own training academy and many of it's Operators will be ex-Forces.

    Tesco Commandos will be well trained and equipped with assualt rifles, smg's, pistols and body armour. Heavier kit will be stored at regional armouries They will develop a reputation as being VERY willing to use lethal force, since this will make most scumbags think twice about attacking somewhere or someone under Tesco protection.

    The rest of us will have to put up with plain old CivPol, who by this time will have become increasingly marganalised and ineffective. CivPol will hate this but be unable to do anything because the politicians and senior Plod will have been bought and paid for by Tesco. :twisted:

  14. ...FFS.. a bloke wearing a thong in public,enough to put you off your egg and cress sandwich.

    If it had been a drop dead gorgeous blonde nympho aged about 20-25 then that would have been wholly aceptable and I for one would have let her jump the queue in front of me,but a bloke,wrong on so many levels.
  15. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    is that tinfoil hat comfy?? :wink: