Naked Salford fat STAB with small undercarriage sees Burglar get 5 years.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by panzerknacker, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. Not fair, he went after the scrote and now he's been put away, taking a lot of other people out of danger.
  2. The way things are these days the house owner is lucky he wasn`t banged up for assault.
  3. [video=youtube;bC83mRC2v6w][/video]

    He's a complete cock and has a small one.
  4. Not a fan then?
  5. If you can't prove that allegation, you may end up providing him enough cash for a new haircut.
  6. Let him try. If you watch the video, in his narration, he clearly stated he punched the driver, the footage shows he actually hit the driver with a weapon, he only changed his story after he saw the video. His story was not what I saw.
  7. Why was the thief trying to send a text message whilst stood outside the guys car?
    About 1:56mins into the video.
  8. No, he couldn't work out the locking mechanism.......... or is that me just fallen foul of a stupid?
  9. I can't tell whether he's using the tool to break the window or hit the chav with. However, if he hit the thief with a tool, my only objection would be that he didn't use a larger and heavier one.
  10. I agree, that wasn't really what he should have got pulled for.
  11. He does come across as a proper chopper
  12. Or is that a chipper?
  13. I think the term we're all searching for is Tenis.
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