Naked Ninjitsu or Kit off Karate.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Mar 4, 2006.

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  1. I took the dog out for a walk on the dunes yesterday only to trip over a martial artist pracising his routing prior to the All nations Bollocky beat up during the easter term.


    The one that made me twitch and left me with no alternative but to fellate him to completion was this one..... its apparently called 'The I trod on a hot barby coalandhurtlikefcukyagi'

    We then collapsed in a naked heap and got stuck into the dog while old men watched and rubbed themselves.
  2. 8O The male genitalia doesn't look all that good when subject to gravitational and velocitational pulls... :?
  3. Would have been better served with less spent on digital camera and devote the balance to dick enhancement surgery
  4. So where's the pictures then MDN - all I see is red crosses (and dead people)
  5. It certainly has a 'last miniature turkey in the shop' look to it. :?
  6. Hey, you try leaping about in the cold!

    (I'm concerned as to where MDN found these pictures and what possessed him to post them)
  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, poor Biccies! Did he promise never to show a soul, that they were only for personal use? :D
  8. I was looking for pictures of naked martial artists, I am attracted to them

    Hope this helps
  9. Which reminds me. I've got sausages in the fridge for breakfast...
  10. oh I don't know, he's kinda cute, and he definitely promises greater things................. but you know what puts me off him? His skinny legs - can't cope with skinny legs..........
  11. Are there any "Naked Sumo" photos? :twisted:

    This whole thing appears a little "Brokeback Mountain"
  12. Keep it up lady and I'll post those ones I have of you.
  13. Yep. Thought as much.
  14. It’s nice to see a well shaved ball sack I am guessing that it’s more aero dynamic
  15. You enjoy looking at other men's ball sacks? 8O