Naked Nazis: Book Reveals Extent of Third Reich Body Worship

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fantassin, Jun 17, 2011.

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  1. Anybody for a bit of love under the sun ?


    Science fiction, jokes and forbidden love: The book market in Nazi Germany was surprisingly varied. But perhaps the most bizarre bestseller to make it past the censors was an unabashed collection of nudist photography. It was a celebration of the Aryan body.

    What did Germans read during the Nazi era? In search of the answer, author Christian Adam surveyed a total of 350 bestsellers from the 12 years of the Third Reich's existence -- making striking discoveries in the process. In addition to well-known propaganda books like Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and Alfred Rosenberg's "The Myth of the Twentieth Century," there were schmaltzy regional novels, science fiction, mysteries, love stories, joke books and cross-media marketed accompaniments to radio programs and films.

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    Naked Nazis: Book Reveals Extent of Third Reich Body Worship - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

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    Photo Gallery: Naked Nazis and a Surprise Bestseller - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International
  2. The Germans have always been big fans of going Bollocky Buff. No surprise there. And if you notice they are all men. Poland was a serious "over compensation". Got any more Fraulein Pictures?
  3. What about the ones with tits?
  4. These are not proper nude Nazis. None of them are in stockings and suspenders, there isn't a jackboot in sight; not even an SS cap or leather, silver-tipped butt plug to be seen.

    What a bitter disappointment.
  5. And I can't see Mosley getting his arse spanked - note to Lawyers, I could be talking about the Grandad.
  6. And then they put homos in pyjamas with a pink triangle...schizophrenia anybody ?

    I wonder if those picture were taken before or after the night of the long knives during which a good number of arse bandits were shot officialy because of their 'repugnant tendencies'...before the 30th of June 1933, being a homo and a nazi was seemingly compatible...

    from Homosexuality in the Nazi Party

    Betraying his roots in the "Butch" faction of the German "gay rights" movement, Roehm viewed homosexuality as the basis for a new society. Louis Snyder writes that Roehm "projected a social order in which homosexuality would be regarded as a human behavior pattern of high repute...he flaunted his homosexuality in public and insisted that his cronies do the same. What was needed, Roehm believed, was a proud and arrogant lot who could brawl, carouse, smash windows, kill and slaughter for the hell of it. Straights, in his eyes, were not as adept in such behavior as practicing homosexuals" (Snyder:55). "The principle function of this army-like organization," writes historian Thomas Fuchs, "was beating up anyone who opposed the Nazis, and Hitler believed this was a job best undertaken by homosexuals" (Fuchs:48f).

    The favorite meeting place of the SA was a "gay" bar in Munich called the Bratwurstglockl where Roehm kept a reserved table (Hohne:82). This was the same tavern where some of the earliest formative meetings of the Nazi Party had been held (Rector:69). At the Bratwurstglockl, Roehm and associates-Edmund Heines, Karl Ernst, Ernst's partner Captain Rohrbein, Captain Petersdorf, Count Ernst Helldorf and the rest-would meet to plan and strategize. These were the men who orchestrated the Nazi campaign of intimidation and terror. All of them were homosexual (Heiden:371).

    Indeed, homosexuality was all that qualified many of these men for their positions in the SA. Heinrich Himmler would later complain of this: "Does it not constitute a danger to the Nazi movement if it can be said that Nazi leaders are chosen for sexual reasons?" (Gallo:57). Himmler was not so much opposed to homosexuality itself as to the fact that non- qualified people were given high rank based on their homosexual relations with Roehm and others. For example, SA Obergruppenfuhrer (Lieutenant General) Karl Ernst, a militant homosexual, had been a hotel doorman and a waiter before joining the SA. "Karl Ernst is not yet 35," writes Gallo, "he commands 250,000 men...he is simply a sadist, a common thug, transformed into a responsible official" (ibid.:50f).
  7. Gay Socialists. That explains why New Labour owns the BBC.
  8. Hmmm... sounds like the "BLUE OYSTER" bar in Police Academy ! :)
  9. Someone better pm "Jarrod" , he'd love some of those pics!
  10. My recollections of naked Box-Head Birds involve much more in the way of body hair!

    I can remember, as a child in Germany in the '70s, being fascinated by the luxuriant growth in their underarms, the over abundance of spiders' legs trying to escape from their swimming costumes and their fooking hairy legs whilst enjoying a day out at the local Schwimbad.
  11. I have similar recollections, minus the fascination !
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  12. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    The Germans have always been keen on FKK.

    Back To Eden - Vintage Nudist & FKK Photos

    It was popular in Berlin when we were there. In particular around the small lake in the Gruenewald near the T-Berg. It was amazing how often our cross country runs would go that way to catch sight of naked Berliners queuing to buy an ice-cream or a Wurst mit Semf.

    'Twas also very common in the DDR in the hot summer days. Lots of lakes and forest adorned with nudes, always good for a lunch-break and a long lens.

  13. It was popular all over the effing shop in Berlin, and at all hours. I could pretty much get the tour bus to fall on its side by pointing out the nudists on the other side of the hedge, at the top of the Ku'damm (mid-morning, weekends), and I twice (twice, FFS!) had midweek night exercises with the ATk Platoon punctuated by encounters with Berliners skinny dipping in the Havel at 0300 and gone.

    Then there was the expression on the face of my Belfast-born mate Andy, who went for a run in the Grunewald, and came back looking even paler thatn ususal, because at 17:00 or so, he'd encountered an elderly bearded rambler wearing a really nice pair of Meindl hiking boots.

    And nothing else.