Naked loon is apparent knife threat - awesome reporting

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JimPooley, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Looks like he is trying to get a BJ.
  2. "A spokesman for Westminster Council told reporters that a worker would attend to wash the skidmark from the Duke's hat."
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  3. Fair play to HRH Prince William, he's had a good go at movember if his statues anything to go by.
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  4. This is what happens when you have a ARRSE London crawl.
  5. 3 'ucking hours in mid November on a bronze statue, fair play to him.
  6. Perhaps he was stuck
  7. Where the f**k was he keeping it?[/QUOTE]

    Perhaps he was wearing a sheath.
  8. Aye the very thought made my haemorrhoids flinch.
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  9. Should be more public nakedness, much more.
  10. Only by girlies - attractive ones.
  11. Local council will have to get the statue steam cleaned to remove the skidmarks, and also might as well go the whole hog, and wash off the pidgin crap....... I have heard that pidgon crap carries some awsomely nasty little wormy things, that might have crawled up this geezers bottom..... bet he wake up with a screamingly itchy erse in a few days time that can only be 'cured' with Brillo Pads and a wire brush and bleach inserted.....!!
  12. Top military carreer the old Duke, made a Colonel at 18 years old (he was already a Colonel in the Hannoverian army) and Maj General at 26 years old. He liked totty though apparently, especially if they were dominant types. Read what you like into that....

    ...the love of his life, a mistress........often played male roles!
  13. Makes one proud to be British.

    The bloke seems to have some mental health problems, it's a shame the Scum didn't have the decency to obscure his face
    to avoid causing unnecessary embarrassment to his family.

    But maybe that's just me being naive and applying standards of common decency to tabloid journalists.