Naked Gun

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by THE_EDITOR, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Beat this!

    By Greg Milam, Sky News Europe correspondent

    Sweden remains gripped by the on-going saga of young soldiers who were filmed firing their weapons while in the nude.

    The former commander of the country's amphibious military unit has now been accused of trying to cover up the incident.

    Lars-Olof Corneliusson is said to have told the leader of the exercise to destroy footage of the incident which - surprise, surprise - later turned up on Swedish television.

    The images of the young conscripts firing their shoulder-mounted artillery cannons, while wearing nothing but their helmets, has now gone around the world, courtesy of YouTube.

    The official concern is that it raised questions about a lack of security.

    Everyone else is concerned about the potential damage a bit of hot metal could have done to the soldiers in question.

    The investigation rumbles on while Swedes digest the scandal and wonder what possible training benefit the nude shooting could have had.

    On a more serious note, Corneliusson has also been charged over a combat patrol boat accident off Stockholm in which two soldiers died.

    It happened just a week after the naked shooting incident.