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Naked Cleaners

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
Cant remember, but was well dressed and looked ok. I expected him to have a stunning hottie waiting for us, not a blubbermeister.

It also occured to me in a horrific flash that he could have been Bi, and as I was giving his ugly fat wife a length he may have surprised me with a pork sword.
Ye that was me !!

Hello Mum!
Years ago I got invited by a bloke I met in the pub to have a chop at his wife. He wanted to watch and take photos.

I drove him to his place, where he introduced me to the fattest, ugliest thing I have ever seen. She was a lot like that old bag in the photo. She was standing naked in the living room with the camera in her hands. I suddenly had second thoughts, and did a runner.
Will one of you cnuts stick a fcuking NSFW on the thread title FFS

So the thread title is "naked cleaners", and you deduced from that that it was safe to open it at work. What did you think that it was going to be about? Something other than naked people doing cleaning?

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