Naked Bootie jailed - Again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Trossachs, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Nick the nutter, stick him in Carstairs ?

  2. Give him community service as a model at the art school ?


    The "Naked Rambler" ( Ex bootie, what more do they expect - Naked other than two rollmats ? ) has been given another 12 months in the nick for wandering around in the buff. Compare and contrast assorted neds given paltry fines and community service for anti-social acts that really frighten the populace.

    How much more money will the Courts waste on this eccentric ?
  2. Would these people be shocked to know we're all naked under our clothes?
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  3. I hope to god he turned up for the court case in the buff. :D
  4. taken from the link. :lol:
  5. Jesus, the bloke wants too live free, let him, he hasn't assaulted anyone, he isn't a kiddy fiddler, he isn't doing any harm. Unfortunately this reflects the level of senseability in this country.

    What really annoys me, is when you see drink drive killers, chav scum beating up pensioners et al, getting away with pathetic sentances, and they want to lock this guy up for a year???

    This country really is a joke. What happened to living in a free world? Can he not sue for breaching his human rights, surely, as he is only walking around in his natural state as it where, is this somehow restricting his civil liberties?

    Come on lawyers, where are you.

    Maybe Phil Shiner (Caaaant that he is) should take up this as his final case, once he has cleared this guy, then we could slot him........
  6. What an absolute legend! Someone start a petition to have him knighted!
  7. The reason he gets knicked so often is that he's an easy case, doesn't deny his actions and pleads guilty, bang out a stat in the positive box for Plods, Lawyers and the beak.I thang yew!
    Whilst admiring his free spirit I do cringe a bit when a fellow ex Royal reinforces the image of us all as slightly demented, wearing a dress when pished all good, but naked bar sober in the ullu, oh the shame!
  8. With a Bonner.. :D
  9. Anybody see what's happening in Greece?...

    Bring on the Revolution baby!!! This country needs to fcuking wake up!!
  10. What?

    You mean that image isn't true? :D

    I'm shocked! 8O
  11. he can't be a real royal.

    he's sober
    not wearing womens clothing :twisted:
  12. Apparently his Girlfriend also likes wandering around neked as well.... :lol:
  13. And his girlfriends name is Brian from Condor! 8O
  14. I don't see how this absolutely harmless guy gets gaoled for a year for this, yet you look at some of the total fuckwits who get suspended sentences or really light sentences for beng total cnuts.
  15. With his own pork sword!! :lol: