Naked Blairs Expelled from Number 10!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by western, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Oh you can but dream.

    The Prime Minister and his wife are shown being expelled from No 10, naked and disgraced amid the horrors of Iraq in a controversial triptych that will form the centrepiece of this summer's Royal Academy exhibition.

    Expulsion from Paradise, by Michael Sandle, goes on display at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2007

    Expulsion from Paradise, by the sculptor and academician Michael Sandle, 71, shows Tony and Cherie Blair standing in front of No 10, confronted by brutality and chaos.

    In an allegorical reference to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, the Blairs are shown cowering on the front step of the prime ministerial residence while, to their right, a British soldier beats Iraqi civilians, and, to their left, body parts rain down on a pile of Iraqi corpses.

    The left panel of the 4.5m x 1.5m (15ft x 5ft) charcoal drawing depicts Cpl Donald Payne, who last September became the first British serviceman to acknowledge having committed a war crime when he admitted to the inhuman treatment of unnamed Iraqi civilians in Basra in Sept 2003.

    The stark political drawing will hang in Gallery V next to watercolours of the English Romantic tradition and a drawing of First World War soldiers at a spot on the Somme nicknamed Moo Cow Farm.

    The Summer Exhibition runs from 11 June - 19 August 2007 and had more than 150,000 visitors last year.

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  2. Why the reference to British soldiers beating up civilians?
    It looks very 'Abu Graib' crossed with photos from the Daily Mirror.

    Besides, I bet Cherie's chebs arent that pert either.
  3. I think its shiite, he could have coloured it in the wan.ker!
  4. PS I too think it's sh1te, I only posted it.
  5. Maybe thats a self portrait of the artist with the soldier <hint>
  6. AAAAAAAaawwwwwwwwgggghhhhhhhh Cherie Blair naked why have they inflicted this SH*T on us. What a pile of poo, you would of thought they would of done painting by numbers for the SCUM (sorry SUN) readers out there. :? :? :? :? :?
  7. 71 or not he needs a good kicking for that drivel. Why not something showing how much good the lads have done, even with the lack lustre support from no 10?

    Take it that wouldn't be controversial enough.

    He'd be better sticking to arranging potatoes on a piece of sand paper or something.
  8. From E-Layers link.

    Fashionable mainstream? What is that now adays? Some animal in a jar? Someone sh1ting on a piece of paper?

    How about a scene of war, death, destruction and humanity?
  9. This unadulterated filth should be consigned to the vomit-bag.

    It is far too prurient and pornographic for the NAFFI Bar.


    'Hate' is a word I never use (save for 80 minutes a year!) but I loath and despise the two in these dreadful images.

    PS. I hope the Bliar puts these images in his 'legacy' - they'll probably be the best bits.