naked bar!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by paddy, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. what about the 59 boys getting nicked in Norway for the naked bar.... talk about a sense of humour failure on the part of the Norwegians!! Page 4 4 of todays daily Mail is funny as fcuk
  2. Not a single roll mat in sight :D
  3. Quality!!! I bet their new SSM is impressed. I know he's called a few Naked Bars in his time.
  4. the one that has just picked up (DH) ????
  5. No, his replacement (JR). He may not even have taken up post yet. We were room mates and did our cadre together.
  6. Goodness how rude, So much for the land of instigators of rape and pillage. :roll:
  7. .............I love it..........effin civvies with no sense of humour!

    I particularly like the paragraph at the end of the paper reads

    "One source said: "It's the sort of thing you might get away with at a particularly lively party on base. But if you do it in public and end up splashed all over the Norwegian papers, then God help you."

    I bet they get the fan, extension lead and the stand thrown at them!
  8. he he he naked bar pmsl

    I wonder if who ever called it is going to get crated!

    Some civies need to get a life
  9. JR is still in Hameln, I bet he's looking forward to it. Well i know he was looking forward to getting back the last time i spoke to him. Dunno about the nakid bar part tho.
  10. so how long before these guys become hats again?
  11. fecking wrong if that were to happen, most of us have done this at some stage in civvie street.

    admittedly not all of us have made the daily mail, but still.

    well in lads.
  12. I love this comment on the article....

    That's nothing. I've seen British Army lads do far worse here in Canada. Harstad is lucky that the boys didn't express their displeasure in other ways.

    - Barbara, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
  13. Only a bit of fun, but as usual they will be made examples of, rather than be protected by heirarchy, soldiers NEED to let of steam and are generally more foolish than civilians......I am sure there are better things to be worrying about.
  14. Have done a serious amount of nights out in Harstad in the nineties and the locals are usually pretty ok with it. Maybe in the nineties the Norges realised that it was best to put up with it due to the threat of the Ruskies etc coming over the border and invading them. Since the Cold War took a back seat it doesnt seem to be the in thing anymore to left your hair down- or trousers in this case !!
    Good effort anyway fellas- anyone who hasnt stood naked in a bar with his mates is gay !