Naked Bar

I declare the man who calls it must first strip off.
I say either let the poor bugger get on with it or section him under the Mental Health Act. This constant jailing is a bit tedious.

Mind you, maybe he's just glad to get into a nice warm prison cell, what with winter coming up...
'The former Royal Marine, from Eastleigh in Hampshire................'

I thought there was something familliar about that bloke, something from my childhood......something from my childhood in Southampton.......

DAD!! Put your fucking clothes back on!!!
My missus worked in the courts up there. They loved it when he was in, such a welcome change from the usual neds, and a chance for some of the older women to see a bit of cock.
Feckin naturist walts!!! Oh hang on...
Maybe he would better of parading his butt naked self down in the Falklands.... at least the only things that might be offended down there out in the country will be sheep and penguins...
It's just plain daft. If he want's to be naked in the open air, he needs to find a naturist club. In spite of the weather up there, there must be one in Scotland somewhere where he can tear his clobber off the minute he walks through the gate?
"...Perth Sheriff Court, which was initially held up while court staff found a sheet of brown paper for him to sit on "for hygiene reasons".

Poor bugger, must have run out of 'Wet Wipes'

Mark The Convict

a chance for some of the older women to see a bit of cock.
But only a bit, especially in winter. Why is it that those who insist on going nekkid in public are always the very ones who shouldn't? Gymnasts, lingerie models, sure, but why only ever the plug-ugly ones?
If he stays in Scotland, he might end up as an inmate at the Bar-L..
Whilst he doesn't seem to be deliberately upsetting anyone, I would question his sanity. I'm not saying he is a nutter, just he might have a different slant on life, which is out of kilter with the Establishment. He was, is, perfectly harmless yet he seems to have spent more time in clink than some proper scrotes.
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