Naked Attraction

The world is, as my late dad used to say "going to Hell on a handcart".
Just drop the hood, and go for a blast somewhere.
I went out to Tesco this morning locally for tonight's dinner.
Via Tyndrum.:rolleyes:
No mobile connectivity it appears.
Double amputee IED guy hoovers up the chick on naked attraction
I watched an episode a few weeks ago. The first half was all cocks for the female picker.
Second half was more cocks and dubious fannies for a tri sexual bloke.

I was very disappointed and my wife was all giggles.
Did you just assume his gender??!!
How very perceptive.

I am a practicing Gender Fluid Projectionist. I assign people a gender depending on my mood and perceived situation, these assigned genders can change to any one of the 27 possible combinations.

I am writing an article for the Guardian about it and how it can be used to over come the gender pay gap and gout.


Book Reviewer
Too many 'swinging dicks' on this programme, but the titties and vag makes a nice change.... Doity gels....!!

I can remember thinking 'Blind Date' was rubbish, but after 'Naked Attraction' it's a BBC costume drama by comparison. I'm vaguely worried about what comes in 20 years' time to make NA look classy. A serial killer or a rapist getting to pick his next victim, or something like that.
St Peter of Leeds should be available as SME/advisor by then.

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