Triple amputee veteran completes grueling 10.5 mile endurance race called The Beast over five-hours to honor fallen U.S. soldiers | Mail Online

Covered in mud, five hours after starting, triple amputee Corporal Todd Love charges to the finish line after competing over ten miles of rugged terrain across 75 obstacles in an event called The Beast.

Having lost both his legs and an arm in Afghanistan in 2010, this weekend Love took to Leesburg, Virginia, in an extreme endurance test called The Spartan Race with his eight-man other comrades of Team X.T.R.E.M.E.

Made up of wounded servicemen and women, the team helped Love scale eight-foot high walls, speed along high-wires, crawl through mud and bound across the ground as they honoured their ongoing mission to raise awareness of the nation's wounded heroes.


I can't understand why one of the other team "mates" didn't just sling him in a backpack.....jack cnuts.
They did at points, they had a harness and took it in turns to carry him for a mile each I think. Read about it on the spartan race faceache page, those team extreme folk are unreal with some of the things they do. Good on em and good on the bloke for being such a hard bastard.


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Good on em and good on the bloke for being such a hard bastard.
I agree. With his attitude he will do more with his life, and get more out of life, than most able bodied people will ever do.

People like him are inspiring and make me feel a bit of a girly when I complain to the wife that my arthritis is playing up a bit.

Thought these two were pretty nails as well in the same paper today. No idea how they came to be disabled but it doesn't seem to be holding them back.


I've already posted about this but just in case you missed it - Royal Marine triple amputee Mark Ormrod is setting off (with a few others) on a 3000 mile bike ride around the UK this weekend, top bloke and nails! check out or @R4MM3R5 on Twitter for more details.
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