Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Spr_D, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. What a fun game!
    Any good anecdotes about this classic Corp game?
  2. As much as I do enjoy a good game of nails......I don't recall any good anecdotes.

    You hit a nail with a hammer/ice pick. There's not much else to it apart from the drinking.
  3. I was in Stanta this weekend and only just became aware of it, although i didn't get to join in as it was a load of seniors indulging. It did look fudging fun.
  4. To coin an old phrase - 'You must be a hoot on the piss'
  5. Ah, the Royal Engineers have adopted this rather wanky game as their own.

    Funny that. Our Corps were playing it over 30 Years ago, and it was shite then.

    German civvies were playing it before that, and they think it's scheisse as well.

    So, do you 'own' Dance of the Flaming *********, Freckles, Spoons, Shock Dice, The 3 man lift and Naked Bar as well?
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  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Naked bar is actually the RN's, everyone else just copied it.

    The first instance of naked bar is recorded in the ship's log of HMS Sandwich, a second rate ship of the line, on the eve of the battle of Barfleur. The log and it's significant entry can be viewed at the Maritime Museum Greenwich:

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  7. What about Nurdles, thats a game that took real skill provided there was plenty of yellow handbags.
  8. Never heard of it, how's it played :)
  9. There was this one time at Bridge Camp...........................
    (Plagiarised from American Pie)
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  10. a field next to the River Weser/Leine...............
  11. Spr D ...... you ******* sprogg, pissed of course you twat.
  12. Waaaaaaaaaah :)
  13. All male nudity drinking games invented by the RN?

    Strangely this neither shocks or suprises.
  14. The only game unique to the Engrs (that I am aware of) is Yukka... and I suppose racing to build bridges.

    Nails is a boxhead game that has been adopted by pretty much every British Forces capbadge that served in BFG et al. Even those units that have never served in Germany usually have dabbled a bit at some time through a member/attachment popping in to the bar with the worlds smallest hammer, the biggest nails he can find and an 'aquired' tree trunk.
  15. I'm assuming by "yukka" you actually mean euchre.Many a mean hand played as soon as there is a break in the action(so to speak)