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Silly bugger. Very brave, very decent, full of the 'right stuff', but still a silly bugger. Very sensible of him to raffle that Rolex too; they're awful.
But Mr Grove insisted that he was no hero. “They were just incompetent,”
Excellent! I love the way he was more concerned with getting on with his day and getting to his meeting. This man epitomises the best bits about being British!
Good for him. It's a pity that there were apparently so many people happy to sit around and watch him.
"My plan was to carry out a move I had been taught in the Forces and wait for others to help. I was going to grab his head and put my knee in the man’s back before grabbing him round the chest, holding him until others intervened,” he told The Times. “It’s unarmed combat. You creep up behind somebody and grab them. One of them had his arm through the window and I knew then that he was partially disabled. There was no way he could swing the hammer and he had to be careful about getting a severe arterial wound. I was going for his head rather than his balaclava.”

Foggy Dewhurst never had a better script. Good on 'im. :D
Good stuff-saw it in the Daily Mail. May be ex-RAF, judging by his actions not regt though! Well done, sir, and shame to the crowd that stood and watched an old man put himself at risk!
Northern Monkey didn't your brother have more sense than you by wanting to join the RAF REGIMENT rather than be a cnut like his brother and mother

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