Nafia Corruption

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Uladh, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. After reading many a topic on this website its clear that soldiers have a unique sense of humor that most civilians cant understand and may take offense to but what about the likes of me who being a civilian can laugh at some of the worst things on this website what does this make me. the nafia appears to be changing the way i look at things and there have being times when iv being out with mates and iv laughed at something that would hardly compare to some of the things on here and iv gotten the looks from them like omg how disgraceful. im no soldier i cant use the excuse that in war you learn to laugh at things otherwise you might go mad, so am i just a loony to begin with?
  2. No ,you are very sad. Edit(forgot the comma) .:D
  3. 'Nafia' is that the new chav walt bar? Burn, rape, pillage it.
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Well having read some of your posts, an ability to speak English would be a great addition to your cause!

    A you are not from the UK and not military, why do you feel the need to post here?
  5. But one thing you are failing to see in the mindset of soldier, compassion is not an issue, so therefore the humour is brutal and dark. So even with your comments you are likley going to get torn to pieces.

    So Ill begin...

    You are clearly a helmet, and if you want to pass comment I suggest you get your fat lazy civy arrse up the ACIO and join up, thats if you have the set of b0llocks to do so in the first place. If not pack your sh1t and fook off :twisted:
  6. i am from the uk and if you have read my posts you will see i have an interest in the british army and dream of 1 day joining its ranks but for now i live out my dream in armed assult walt realism clans and i am able to read and write english having passed my GCSE in english tho it really annoyes me to proof read stuff. also i happen to enjoy reading the stuff on this website and thats why i made this topic WHY do i enjoy reading this shit.
  7. bitterandtwisted i admit i am lazy tho i would not say fat but i am unfit and if i was in betetr physical condition i would join up but getting the motivation to go out running every day really bores me in the past i have managed it for maby a week or 2 doing the running and weight lifting with the protein diet but i just .got fed up of it
  8. My bold. Where the feck at?? Abdallah Chavwits skool uv Inglish?
    You wouldnt pass the entrance exam you tool.

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  10. Learn the fecking language, and be arrsed to proof-read what you write. It's what separates us from the beasts.
  11. Seconded!
  12. Thought that was a crowbar and a can of Mace...? :?
  13. Nafia? Is that where the gangster element of ARRSE hang out? A virtual Chicago Speak-easy?
  14. [RANT on]

    My bold, you obviously, missed out the spelling and fcuking grammar section though, dintcha ya txt talkin' Chav cnut.

    [/RANT off]

    It's Thursday and the weather is wnak so i just felt the need to vent, but I'm over it now.

    Target - ON - Fire for Effect.

    It's like fish in a fcuking barrel it really is, why do they even bother.

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