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Hello, I know you may think i sound poor here asking these questions but my budget is running quite low for buying things for phase 1! It says in the Army book i got given when Passed at selection that i can buy bungees, tent pegs, trouser twists and a water proof watch does any one at all know a round about price for each??? O dear i feel like a twit hehe xxx Thanks :D :?
you can pick most up from army surplus store or market stall, but may get a lot of it on your first day at ATR ( some ATR's will get you a get you in pack with important stuff in) Dont spend too much on your watch (£10-£15) as long as it givs correct time-or five minutes before a parade time ) it will do and is waterproof for exercise. If you dont get chance to get it beforehand you can pick it up rom NAAFI shops. Dont worry enjoy but you should only need around £20-£30 tops
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